Creating and maintaining a more sustainable lawn begins with proper selection of the best adapted grass species and varieties. Proper site preparation, lawn installation, and appropriate follow-up care will help reduce the need for inputs of the established lawn.

Advanced Lawn Solutions cares about sustainability. Our efficient irrigation systems use less water, which means a better return on investment for our customers... Learn More »


Holganix is a bio-nutritional product: a highly evolved compost tea with active bio-nutrients. Holganix is a cost-efficient, natural way to get thick, green, healthy lawns and trees while reducing the use of fertilizers by as much as 90%. Instead of chemicals, it uses natural microorganisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective lawn and tree treatment available. With Holganix, you can SAVE MONEY, reduce your environmental footprint… and get great results.... Learn More »

Bermuda Control

Advanced Lawn Solutions is taking Bermuda control to the next level this year. We have teamed up with our suppliers to bring the most innovative Bermuda control methods to Middle Tennessee.

In the past, your only option to fight unsightly patches of Bermuda grass growing was to kill the area with a round up product and re-seed every fall. But with new technology, Advanced Lawn Solutions can start selectively eliminating the bermuda as soon as it starts to thrive.... Learn More »

Expert Solutions

For over 15 years we have been perfecting our seeding, irrigation, lighting, renovation, and lawn maintenance services and can solve almost any lawn problem you encounter.

Whether you have diseased plants and weeds or just want lush green grass, our extensive analysis will pinpoint the remedies so you can finally have the lawn you want, guaranteed!... Learn More »

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